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    • current work
      • V E R F A V

        date 0.
        place Group+Work

        Visual Experimentation and Research into the Field of Analogue Viewing

        Comprised of several specialised devices for image production, projection and viewing. Accompanied by fold-out infographic documents that offer an insight into their workings and origins.

        Video documentation HERE

        Exhibited in association with Group+Work with the kind support of Winsham United Charities.

      • The Demidov Collapse

        date 0.
        place The Soup Lab - Norwich

        B&W photographic series on Pistachio 175 gsm paper - A3 Risograph Prints. June 2012 'Critic Pick'

        Limited run of 50, signed and numbered available to purchase at 10 GBP per print...

      • Reception & Transmission BOOKLET

        date 0.
        place AH

        A presentation of research and narrative material developed over several years that were partially derived from previous installations The Missing Show and 1095[transmission], created by Arid House.

        Limited run of 50, signed and numbered available to purchase at 15 GBP from

        Now also stocked by Ti Pi Tin, Stoke Newington and Good Press, Glasgow.

    • previous work
      • Dry Rhine Hotel

        date 2.2010
        place AH

        Super8 loops x 2, turntables x 2 projectors x 2

        Footage shot in the Rhine region of Germany and in London. Installation by James Fuller.

        Video documentation HERE

      • Commune

        date 0.2011
        place Urban Outfitters, Spitalfields

        Series of collages created by Andrew Bever.

        Prints available to purchase at 10 GBP per print from...

      • The Missing Show

        date 11.2010
        place Nicosia, Cyprus

        Interactive & immersive installation built for the Omikron Gallery, following a two month residency in nicosia, CY.

      • Reception & Transmission

        date 8.2011
        place Vyner Street

        Selected finalist in the Signature Art Awards 2011.

        Three kinetic machines on three podiums with accompanying booklet. A reinterpretation and representation of our previous installation 1095 [transmission].

        Special thanks to Ryan Lanji.

      • Soft City

        date 12.2011
        place Pantheon Gallery, Nicosia

        Exhibition of photography by Faysal Mroueh

      • 1095 [transmission]

        date 5.2010
        place Shoreditch Town Hall Basement

        Interactive Installation

        Arduino, Electronics, LDR Sensors, Text, Audio, Super 8mm & 35mm Photography

        Video documentation HERE

  • information

    Arid House is primarily a visual arts collaboration between Andrew Bever, James Fuller and Faysal Mroueh.

    Previously we have exhibited large-scale installation work in the UK and abroad. Developing these projects into collective print works that  have been selected and sold at art book and print shops worldwide including Art Wednesday and Banner Repeater in London. 

    We have also had stop-frame animation bought and broadcasted by Canal+, 16mm films screened in the Cannes Festival short film corner and undertaken a two month residency together at the Omikron Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus.

    James Fuller and Andrew Bever are both  living and working in London, Faysal Mroueh is currently undertaking a residency at De Ateliers in Amsterdam.


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    You can find us on twitter at @aridhouse or to get in touch directly regarding our work or for any other reason, contact us on the following address, we like a good email...

    For prints and sales, please contact us on...

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